Our Approach

Acorn Digital Learning provides real-time online teaching for Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 students requiring an alternative learning environment.

We provide flexible, cost effective solutions for students who currently find themselves without access to a school setting, as well as those who are unable to attend school for medical, mental health, anxiety or behavioral reasons.

Our easily accessible education service is available to learners who are studying from home, school, or any other risk assessed, safe setting. All that students need is a laptop or computer with a stable internet connection.

By utilising best in class systems and technology in terms of the virtual classroom and blended learning management system functionality, as well as engaging course content from leading education publishers, we can deliver unrivalled teaching standards to the benefit of children and young people across the UK.

Student centred

We specialise in offering alternative education provision to children and young people with a range of complex needs including behavioural, emotional, social, medical, learning and physical difficulties.

We work closely with Local Authorities to support them in meeting their legislative duties for provision of  end of primary and secondary education, ensuring some of the country’s most vulnerable children and young people can learn and develop vital skills for life beyond KS2, KS3 and KS4 within a safe, secure and nurturing care and learning environment.


Accessibility and flexibility

Increasing demands on schools and local authorities means balancing student capacity, quality, progression and outcomes with the costs of mainstream, alternative and specialist education provision can be challenge.

Acorn Digital Learning offers a real-world ‘anytime, anywhere’ solution to such challenges; a range of flexible, cost-effective purchasing methods that do not require minimum or block commitments, global accessibility to our video-based lessons, as well as efficient and straightforward tracking of student progress and achievement within a standalone web platform.

While the structure and feel of a typical school day, week and term is possible with our course timetable of lessons, the adaptable nature of online-based learning means that all of our students, no matter what their preferred learning styles or location, are able to develop their learning in a way that benefits their individual circumstances.

Collaboration with wider group

One of the significant benefits of existing as part of the wider Outcomes First Group is that we are in constant collaboration with other Acorn Education and Care schools, with Acorn Digital Learning able to reflect a modern extension of our existing education provision.

This means that we can maximise our teaching resources and remain one-step ahead in terms of curriculum updates and research based shared practice and ensure that students accessing Acorn Digital Learning are receiving the best possible standards of education available to them as a viable alternative to ‘bricks and mortar’ schooling.

Young people in foster care, residential care or are in school placement transition

While Outcomes First Group’s independent fostering providers, residential care staff and local authorities will often endeavor to place a child or young person with a foster family or residential home near to their current school, this is not always possible for a variety of reasons. In this instance, Acorn Digital Learning can offer educational continuity during a time of significant change in their lives.

Autism spectrum condition (ASC)

Barriers to learning aren’t always related to challenging behaviour. Many students accessing Acorn Digital Learning will present as being on the autistic spectrum or experience related anxiety symptoms.

Because this affects the way they are able to interact with the world around them, many aspects of traditional education can be challenging; loud noises, difficulty with communication and language skills can be alleviated through continuing their education from a location that encourages therapeutic learning and reduces external stimuli.

Children at risk of exclusion

There are many reasons why a child or young person may be at risk of exclusion from mainstream or specialist education. Whatever the reason may be, we would work closely with parents, schools and local authorities to deliver swift, alternative learning solutions for a student either permanently excluded from school or on a fixed-period exclusion of up to 45 school days.

Medical needs

Acorn Digital Learning can offer temporary and long-term online learning provision to children and young people with medical health issues that make access to learning restrictive. Because our real-time video link courses can be accessed anywhere, whether that’s at home or when recovering in hospital, students can receive the care they need while not having to worry about falling behind in their education.

Social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs causing school apprehension

There are many reasons why a child or young person may refuse to attend school. Acorn Digital Learning exists so that our students can continue their learning while their barriers to learning are alleviated or a solution is found. Complex medical and mental health issues, specific challenges relating to SEN as well as being victims of bullying are all valid reasons as to why a child may refuse education provision, which is why our alternative learning provision can bridge any gaps in attendance.