School Life

What does a typical day-to-day look like when studying with Acorn Digital Learning?

Bespoke timetables

Whether opting for the Core Package of 12 lessons evenly spread across the core subjects of Maths, English and Science, or the Enhanced Package with additional elective lessons, each child and young person studying with Acorn Digital Learning has access to a personalised timetable for their relevant live digital classroom sessions.

Consistent presence of teachers and peers

A fun yet informative environment awaits children and young people attending each lesson, with subject specialist teachers and the same peer group in attendance able to provide a reassuring consistency to their learning.

Individual study and breakout sessions

After each lesson is complete, a subject teacher will issue an online independent learning task that allows students to develop their personal understanding of topics covered in the digital classroom.

This provides flexibility for students who like to reinforce peer-based learning with individual reflection on subject matter, while breakout sessions with a subject teacher can also be arranged for further strengthening of understanding and deeper exploration of the conceptual learning elements.

Bridging learning gaps and ‘anytime, anywhere’ flexibility

Once a student has received their unique log-in details and portal link, they will have all encompassing access to their digital classroom lessons, timetable, 24/7 lesson archive content and independent learning opportunities from the comfort of their home, nearby library, or anywhere deemed suitable by primary caregivers.

Tailored learning solutions

We are also willing to work with Local Authorities on the development of individual solutions that meet the specific needs of children and young people accessing our online learning platform, thereby ensuring that all students accessing our alternative learning provision are getting everything they can from the experience.