The Education Environment

The digital classroom

  • Progress is digitally captured with learning and progress continually monitored
  • Lessons are just as interactive as those in a conventional classroom
  • Those unable to engage with a traditional school environment for whatever reason can build on their confidence, feeling relaxed in a safe and secure environment
  • The curriculum offers a wide range of learning from foundation right through to GCSE level
  • Teachers create engaging and informative lessons, capturing attention and making learning enjoyable
  • Using webcams and microphones, students are provided with the opportunity to mix and interact with peers and teachers


Making learning fun

Teaching staff across Acorn Digital Learning bring with them an abundance of experience and deep subject specialism knowledge. Because they are eternally passionate about what they do, each teacher knows how to bring the best out of their students in an online classroom environment.

Children and young people with additional needs will often learn best when they are presented with topics that are visually stimulating and engaging, which is why we try to make each lesson a high-quality, interactive experience, with all of our subject specialist teachers bringing their courses to life through wide-ranging teaching strategies and techniques.

Through the potential to use two-way voice, chat and video communication, interactive whiteboard  and tools that all students can use simultaneously, there is a real sense of engagement and involved learning throughout.

Class sizes and terms dates

Each lesson will have up to 15 children and young people present in the virtual classroom who have chosen the same KS2, KS3 or KS4 course.

Building strong relationships

Many of the core elements comprising mainstream or specialist school education are included within Acorn Digital Learning.

Advancements in digital technologies means that distance learning is now a truly collaborative experience. Course teachers are present via video link alongside other students, meaning students’ social needs are also being met while they learn.

Our real-time digital classrooms replicate the level of sensory engagement that you would see in standard school environments.

Much like attending a traditional school setting, our students can look forward to meeting their friends online from previous lessons and build relationships with their teachers and peers through gentle competition when answering questions and encouragement of shared learning.