Additional Subjects

Beyond the three core subjects comprising 12 lessons of live learning with some independent study following each lesson, per week for students taking our Core Package, our Enhanced Package offers eight additional hours of learning per school week in the following optional subjects: Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE), Independent Living, Personal Finance and Work and Life Skills.

For some of our Acorn Digital Learning students, these additional subjects offer a wider accreditation pathway and supports them in working towards college placements and independent living beyond their education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to help them succeed.

Key benefits

  • Cost effective – We offer a wide range of different solutions that are flexible enough to suit every young person’s needs
  • Quality of provision – All lessons are taught by qualified, experienced and subject specialist teachers making use of sector leading content
  • Statutory obligations – Acorn Digital Learning can provide 25 hours of education per week, even when a student enrolls on our core package. A student can typically be set up and ready to access our educational provision within 24-hours, which means Local Authorities are able to meet their legal obligations to young people.