Our curriculum is designed to work alongside mainstream or specialist provision to help children and young people in the following ways:

  • Provide educational continuity during transition between all types of care or education placements
  • Clear learning pathways that are age/ability appropriate
  • Regular assessments, goals and progress reports
  • Digitally capture student development so that students can continually reflect on their achievements as well as leave the Acorn Digital Learning environment with evidence of progress made that can be readily used to support reintegration into a school setting
  • Support students who may have found themselves out of education for a significant period, with targeted top up courses available outside of school time.


Teaching and learning

Students accessing Acorn Digital Learning can conclude their online learning experience with an overarching theme of continuous learning, demonstrated by a portfolio of progression that emphasises their active involvement in their chosen subjects.

As with the wider targets of providing safe, empathetic and bespoke educational environments found across the Acorn Education and Care Group, our teaching and learning practice is centred on an evolving school development plan. This encompasses key departmental, digital classroom and individual performance management areas that ultimately lead to positive student outcomes.

We ensure that regular meetings, briefings and updates take place across the various levels of the schools’ senior leadership and teaching operating structure, which allows staff to really ‘buy into’ our collective targets and know that they are fully supported when contributing to the future successes and wellbeing of children and young people referred to us.

All of this is made possible through our experienced group of teachers each using their combined traditional and online classroom know how to offer students specialist support across each of their respective core subjects.