Acorn Digital Learning at a glance

What is the age range for children and young people using Acorn Digital Learning?

We provide high-quality alternative learning provision for Key Stage 2, 3 and Key Stage 4 learners, which is equivalent to the year groups seen in maintained schools ranging from Year 6 – Year 11 and typical age ranges of 11-16 years old.

How long are the school terms?

We follow the regular 38-week school calendar.

Term dates are not a barrier to joining an Acorn Digital Learning course, with timescales for learning tailored around specific requirements of the student. When a teacher, social worker or parent makes a complete referral, we will endeavor to respond within 24-hours to run through everything in more detail.

What do I need to access Acorn Digital Learning?

Ideally a laptop or a PC, although a child or young person would be able to access everything they need just as well on a iPad or a smartphone. There is some loss of interactivity with Chromebooks but we have handy work-arounds. Being as comfortable as possible using your device is key. A headset with a microphone and a mouse is handy as well as a safe study space with reliable internet access.

Do I need anything else to support the teaching and learning?

All the teaching and learning materials your student needs is available in our extensive resources. Ideally access to the usual school MS Office software is useful however free download versions are available and work just as well. Some school stationery is nice to have and for GCSE maths and science, a non-programmable scientific calculator will certainly help.

If we get stuck with a technical issue or need to miss a lesson, what do we need to do?

Like every other school we monitor attendance closely so letting us know that you are not going to be in class is helpful and we ask you to contact our school coordinator on 07770 042747. If you have technical issues, we ask that an adult call our support line on 0800 464 0743.