Why Choose Us?

Acorn Digital Learning sits within Acorn Education and Care which is a part of Outcomes First Group, the UK’s largest and leading provider of children’s services including fostering, residential and specialist educational provisions. We specialise in working with children and young people with a range of complex needs including behavioural, emotional, social, learning and physical difficulties.

Acorn Digital Learning benefits from Acorn Educations and Care unmatched reach, capacity and expertise in the SEND arena with regulators consistently judging our educational services as Good or Outstanding.

We work closely with all Local Authorities to support them in meeting their statutory duties for sufficiency and provision on SEND education and ensure some of the country’s most vulnerable children are provided with a safe, secure and nurturing care and learning environment.

Acorn Digital Learning caters for the needs of children in care and those with additional learning requirements.

At Acorn Digital Learning, we recognise that many children in care have experienced traumatic events throughout their lives and, as such, need educational professionals who understand their emotional needs while also maintaining a focus on their educational development.

Children in care and those with barriers to learning can find a physical school environment initially too overwhelming; Acorn Digital Learning supports them to reintegrate back into school or post 16 provision.

Our curriculum is designed to work alongside mainstream or specialist provision to help children and young people in the following ways:

  • Provide educational continuity during transition between any care or education placements
  • Learning pathways that are age/ability appropriate
  • Regular assessments, goals and progress reports
  • Progress is digitally captured providing students with continued access to learning whilst creating a body of work to support reintegration into a school environment
  • Support children and young people who have fallen behind through missing education with targeted top up courses outside of school time.